The Aircel Chennai open, the only ATP tournament of India and the greatest hangout spot for young tennis players of Chennai and other cities nearby. It is the main tennis attraction of India, but due to lack of funds it has been cancelled and shifted to Pune, and is now renamed as Maharashtra Open. For 21 years it has been conducted in Chennai and it has grown fondly in the hearts of all the tennis players, be it professional or amateur or tennis enthusiasts. Being a tennis player from Chennai myself, it was my dream to play on the centre court in front of my home crowd, but surely I’m not alone, every tennis player and tennis coach in India must’ve dreamt of their player playing on home soil in front of the whole world. Everyone who has had the opportunity to go and watch the matches should relate to the fun and cheerful atmosphere. Watching matches was only half of the story of what we did here.

Inside the stadium or outside, we somehow we’re always occupied with some activity or another. Mini-tennis, fast serve challenge, virtual tennis and quiz’s were the things we did when we got bored watching matches. The week of hardcore tennis filled action was incomplete without the wide range of snacks available to us right outside the  court exit of the stadium. It had almost everything from fried chicken from marry brown to ice cream from mini melts and pizza from Dominos.


Other than all this, Chennai open gave us a chance to get together with our friends on the circuit who might be far away training  or studying in another city or town, cheer for our favourite players and spend quality time with them. Personally I will never, ever forget those nights I spent. Above all of these things, Chennai open reminded us right in the beginning of the year why we chose this sport, reminded us why we young tennis players have to work day in, day out, everyday. All of it to hear the announcer shout out your name when you enter centre court, to hear your name being chanted by the crowd and reverberate through the stadium walls. All for the slightest,slimmest chance of being crowned the champion. Everyone who has come here can relate to this. I hope one day I will get to watch another match in the Chennai open, or hopefully even play one. It’s the wish of everyone who has experienced Chennai open to come back as even a bigger and grander tournament.

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  1. Great start Siddu, way to go… As a tennis parent, me too was awaiting for this yearly tennis pilgrimage – Chennai Open. Will be missing it this year. Hope as you say , it will be back soon in a grandeur scale!
    And eagerly awaiting to read your next set of blogs. All the best!

  2. Keep pursuing your dreams and make them a reality !!! Love the blog ,
    Hoping the right people can see how chennai open needs to stay open.

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