Tesla launches wireless chargers for iPhones and Android handsets

Tesla, an American Multinational Corporation which is popularly known for electric vehicles, lithium-ion battery energy storage and solar panel manufacturing, has introduced wireless chargers for iPhones and Android handsets.

Tesla Wireless Charger


The Tesla wireless charger for iPhones and Android phones have been launched by the Elon Musk-led company and reported to have the same cell as the one used in its world-famous electric cars.

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The Importance of PROPER NUTRITION

We have seen sportsmen performing extraordinary feats in trying weather conditions, having laser-like focus, amazing levels of endurance and much more. Many of us think it is due to years and years of practice and refining of technique which is definitely true. But another very important factor is proper nutrition. Proper nutrition is one of the essential keys to performing at the top level but is forgotten very often. Most of the time we don’t pay attention to what we put into our bodies and it could be a reason you are not performing at your highest level.

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Tennis in India was very different 40 years ago. Players from the south, especially Chennai we’re dominating tennis in India. India’s greatest achievement in singles till date was Ramanathan Krishnan reaching the Wimbledon semi-finals. He reached a career-high ranking of no.6 in the world in Lance Tingay’s amateur rankings, which has not been surpassed or even come close to being surpassed till date. The achievements didn’t stop there though.

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The Aircel Chennai open, the only ATP tournament of India and the greatest hangout spot for young tennis players of Chennai and other cities nearby. It is the main tennis attraction of India, but due to lack of funds it has been cancelled and shifted to Pune and is now renamed as Maharashtra Open. For 21 years it has been conducted in Chennai and it has grown fondly in the hearts of all the tennis players, be it professional or amateur or tennis enthusiasts. Being a tennis player from Chennai myself, it was my dream to play on the centre court in front of my home crowd, but surely I’m not alone, every tennis player and tennis coach in India must’ve dreamt of their player playing on home soil in front of the whole world. Everyone who has had the opportunity to go and watch the matches should relate to the fun and cheerful atmosphere. Watching matches was only half of the story of what we did here.

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